Welcome to Ferns Entertainment
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Ferns Entertainment Inc.  (Alberta-based) and Ferns Productions Inc. (based in British Columbia) are devoted to the development and production of quality programming for all screens. Both companies are co-production and co-venture specialists, bringing over 40 years of experience in the international marketplace.

Andrew Ferns is President of Ferns Entertainment which develops, produces and packages creative media projects for any size of screen or broadcast medium. Whether dramatic, documentary or corporate, Ferns enables resonant stories to reach global audiences.

Pat Ferns, President of Ferns Productions concentrates on blue-chip factual television and drama development, leadership training, and festival management.

The International Institute for Television Leadership is engaged in the intelligent exploration of industry challenge, strategy, and personal leadership practices. In addition to its courses, it also offers strategic consultation to international clients.

Ferns’ portfolio of festival management is truly international and includes Pat’s facilitation of his trademark pitching events around the world.

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Darwin Screen Capture
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